Welcome to Sheffield Peregrines

©David Wood

Welcome to the Sheffield Peregrines blog, which will give updates on the comings and goings of Sheffield’s urban Peregrines, updated by members of Sheffield Bird Study Group (SBSG).

The Peregrines have successfully bred for the first time in the city, on a specially-erected nest platform on The University of Sheffield‘s St George’s Church lecture theatre. The young have hatched and can now be seen on the platform. Keep your eyes on the blog for further updates and photographs.

The SBSG will be organising watches of the Peregrines in the coming weeks – see the website linked above for updates.


  1. hi pete, i wounder if you could help clear something up. i notice the birds are being hailed as the citys first urban breeding pair, but did’ent a pair nest on the cooling towers at tinsley some years ago? cheers colin

  2. with the amount of pigeons around morrisons at hillsborough and the church opposite ( where kestrels nested, late 70’s) im keeping my fingers crossed. much easier then hiking up to bradfield with scope and bins

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