Monday 4th June

A bit of back-story…

We think the chicks hatched in the first few days of May, but with no webcam it was impossible to know how many (if any!) there were.  The adult birds have been bringing food to the nest regularly since then, so hopes were high that chicks were being fed, but until they started moving about in the nest there was no way of knowing what was going on…

Phil Riley, from the University’s Dept of Estates (one of the instigators of the project along with Jim Lonsdale, also of Dept of Estates) gained access so that we could take a scope up onto the roof of the Dainton Building by Brookhill roundabout one lunchtime.  From there  we managed to see at least one chick flapping its wings – we were surprised at how big it looked!  Given the size of the chicks it was decided that it would be unsafe to attempt to ring them, which is a shame, but the welfare of the chicks has to come first.

As of the start of June, both chicks are now regularly visible as they increasingly come to the front of the nest platform to take food from the parents and exercise.  The adults are tending to perch away from the nest these days, unless bringing in food (typically Feral Pigeons).


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