Sunday 10th June

A visit this evening revealed a significant development, with one of the chicks on top of the nest platform and the other on the front edge.  This is the first time I’ve seen either chick out of the nestbox, and it looks too far to hop.  It’s possible it could have climbed up the slope of the side of the box, but it appears more likely that the exercising of the wings is starting to have some effect…

The bird on top looked a little smaller (not just because it was a bit further away!); could the chicks be a male and female or could this just be a difference in hatching dates and/ or subsequent feeding and development?


The adult female was on top of one of the ‘spires’ but later flew off and perched on top of the Arts Tower – a favourite vantage point.

If you want to see the birds before the chicks fly the nest then the coming week may be your last chance to see them reliably present and increasingly visible.  They may continue to use the nest site for some time after they start to fly, but you never know…


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