Weds 6th May

A quick look this evening ahead of the moorland fringe walk brought, as usual, interest from passersby who are well aware of the Peregrines, and a chance to offer some great views of adults and chicks alike through a telescope.  As a bonus, the light was good enough to get some digiscoped images of the chicks, even if a bit distant.  Despite the report of 4 chicks, I’ve yet to see more than 2, but that’s a pretty good return for first-time breeders.

The chicks continue to be taking plenty of exercise, flapping their wings on a regular basis when they come towards the front of the platform.  As they flap you can see the downy ‘chick’ feathers floating away and they’re rapidly looking more and more like their parents in terms of plumage.  Over the last two days there’s a surprisingly obvious change in their appearance, as evident in the photo below.

How long now until they feel ready to fly?

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