Weds 13th June

After spending most of the day on the lowest ledge of the church, following yesterday’s trip to the trees, the young female flew to the roof of the old Jessop Hospital buildings, where the adult female took food to her.  A little later the young female flew back up to the top of the church tower and landed safely on one of the turrets.

The SBSG watch this evening from 6-8 provided great views through the telescopes of adults and juvs, both of which have now left the nest platform.

The highlights of the evening were the adult female bringing a feral pigeon in to feed the young female, and the young male taking its first serious flight, circling the tower a couple of times before landing on top of one of the spires and continuing to exercise its wings.  A subsequent flight took the young male away from the church a little further, to be ‘escorted’ back  by the adult male.

With both juvs securely on the ledges and perches around the top of the church, having negotiated their first flights, one of the key moments in their development has safely passed.   Things are looking good!

One comment

  1. Great to here that the juveniles are doing well. I was there on Wednesday and it was a great privelage and experience to see such marvellous birds.

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