Sunday 17th June

The last few days have seen things calm down a bit after the excitement of the first flights for the juvs.  Both juvs and the adults are still spending a lot of time perched on St George’s, and there’s usually at least bird visible.  The juvs are starting to roam away from the church a bit and are exercising their wings, becoming increasingly confident at flying, and at landing!

The adults are still bringing food into the church occasionally, and there’s a good deal of calling between the adults and juvs.  The juvs are still some way off being able to feed themselves, but there was excitement this afternoon as both adults shot off – unsuccessfully – after a Woodpigeon that flew past the tower.  There was also some aerial interaction between the adults and one of the juvs, with three birds in the air together giving great views.  It seemed that one of the juvs was having some hunting lessons, a wonderful spectacle to witness over urban Sheffield.

Fingers crossed they continue to base themselves around St George’s for a couple more weeks and that plenty of people can enjoy them in the meantime!

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