Friday 22nd June

All four birds continue to be regularly visible around St George’s, though some (or all) are also absent for periods as the juvs explore the area and improve their flying skills.  This can be seen in the company of one of the adult birds at times, with some aerial sparring as they learn the basics of hunting techniques.  With a decent view the juvs can be easily separated from the adults by their buffish underparts and the pale blue around the eye and the base of the bill (bright yellow in the adults) – most of these features can be appreciated on the photo below, taken in the sun of Tuesday morning.

The juvs can also be seen on a variety of university buildings, with a preference for the Bio-incubator and the Jessop Building, as well as the top of the Arts Tower: the view from there must be great!

A report of one of the birds being grounded in the heavy rain on Thursday caused concern, but there was no sign of it later so it is hoped that it managed to get airborne again without incident: a reminder that they still have some way to go until they can be considered to be safely independent.

The weather has again been disappointing for much of the week, but with a little perseverance between the rain some terrific views can still be had as they behave and interact in ways that are rarely so accessible.  Make the most of it when the sun comes out!


  1. Watched them sparring between the BT offices and the old Grovsenor hotel yesterday 2/7/12 and today they flew very close to my office on Division st.

  2. I work in an office block on Rockingham Street and I regularly see the Peregrines. My first sighting was of one sat on the window ledge whilst we were in a meeting. Next I witnessed one diving at a pigeon mid flight right outside my window. Now I hear them more often than I see them but often catch them flying around the BT tower. Very privilaged to have such a great view. Well done to all for erecting the nesting platform.

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