Back on station

Following the ‘excitement’ of the collapsing nest tray, it was with great relief that the birds were back at the nest platform the following morning, apparently unconcerned at the new additions to the structure to keep it all in one piece.  A couple of visits to the site over the weekend enabled a much better picture of the state of play than the excellent (if sporadic) sightings from the webcam, which on Thursday morning showed the male scraping the new gravel put in place as part of the repairs.

The male was perched by the platform (just out of view of the webcam) and was calling repeatedly to the female perched on top of another building a couple of hundred metres away.  She was unmoved, and he made a couple of flights to her, apparently in the hope that she would follow back to the platform.  She eventually did follow, but just circled without landing before heading back to her original perch.

Peregrine 17-3-13 3

(Above: male returning to the platform.  Photo D. Wood)

All positive signs of sustained interest in this as a nest site.  The next couple of weeks will hopefully see the birds mating and – all being well – the appearance of eggs.


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