Peregrine Egg #1

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 08.39.09

A more detailed post will follow, but after increased activity around the nest site in recent days, including the female sleeping on the platform over the last couple of nights, the first Peregrine egg has been laid. It is perhaps fortunate that she has waited until the worst of the snow coverage is over, although temperatures are still unseasonably cold and some snow is still forecast.

A Peregrine’s clutch size is 3-4 eggs, so keep your eyes on the webcam for any further activity, and Tweet us at @shefbirdstudy if you observe any interesting behaviour.



    1. I’m afraid we (the SBSG) don’t run the webcam ourselves, so can’t help directly with any technical queries on compatibility. I believe the webcam should be compatible with Android, but cannot advise directly about installing Flash.

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