And then there were three…

Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 09.23.40

The latest update is the Peregrines had a busy Easter weekend, with three eggs now in the nest, the latest on Easter Monday (1st April). With the average clutch size four eggs, it is likely another will be laid very shortly. The birds are very active around St George’s, and it’s well worth a visit to the area to see these birds “in the flesh”.

Many of you will have noticed the University’s webcam has had some issues – this is due to the birds being even more popular than anticipated and the feed getting too many visitors! While this is being sorted the University have set up an alternative, non-HD alternative that can be found on the main Peregrine webcam page, meaning there’ll be a constant stream when people can’t get on to the main feed.

We’ve had a few questions about technical aspects of viewing the webcam – please note the SBSG are not involved with the technical side of things, and queries are best directed at the University’s peregrine Twitter feed @peregrines2013 (although we’ll try and answer them if we can!).


Finally, if you do visit the area to see the Peregrines, it’s worth taking a detour to Crookes Valley Park, where a pair of Great Crested Grebes have taken residence for around a fortnight. This is the first record of this gorgeous bird in the park, and lucky observers have been reporting the birds engaging in their remarkable courtship dance.

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