The first feed

For those that have missed the action today, I’ve been lucky enough to be  looking online at the right moments, and captured the following video.

The first is around 15:55 this afternoon, which saw the two chicks emerging from the eggs, shortly after the female left for a changeover with the male.

The male and female took turns in incubating the remaining eggs, and keeping the chicks warm, for the rest of the afternoon. At about 21:00, the male turned up with part of a bird carcass, and after taking some scraps for himself gave the chicks their first feed (unless someone has seen an earlier one which we missed?). It’s incredible to see how quickly these bundles of fluff become voracious meat-eaters!

It’s been a wonderful day, and I’m sure many have spent a Sunday afternoon glued to the webcam! Make sure you keep watching to see the young peregrines at this pivotal time in their lives, and to see if the other eggs hatch in the following days. For updates keep checking the webcam, this blog, the University of Sheffield’s Peregrines2013 Twitter feed, and the SBSG’s own Twitter.


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