One, two, three…

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 20.25.28

Third chick hatched this morning, which leaves one egg being incubated, and the chicks spending most of the time also being brooded under whichever adult is on the nest.  Both the male and the female have been taking turns to brood – the female clearly bigger, slightly more grey than blue (she’s a slightly darker grey see the difference between the two adults in the picture below, in which it’s the male that’s incubating) and more obvious buff tips to the tail feathers, while the male is ringed on the right leg.

The chicks all had a good feed at about 10 am, the male tearing chunks off a prey item brought to the nest and giving them to the chicks.  A little later he was none too keen to hand over incubation duties when the female came onto the edge of the nest platform and great to see both adults and the chicks on the platform together.

Peregrines 6-5-13

Fingers crossed the fourth egg hatches before the end of the day, or perhaps early tomorrow morning, and plenty to look forward to in the days ahead as things hopefully become established.

By late evening still three chicks and one unhatched egg.  The chicks had an extended feed around 20:30, with one of them enjoying the lion’s share.  All now being brooded through the night by the female.


  1. Have been watching 2 webcams ..this one and sussex heights Brighton for the last month and managed to miss all chicks hatching …bum
    Thank you for the hatching video you posted at least I got to see it happen even if it wasn’t live !
    Will be glued to webcam tonight and in the morning…..housework and gardening can wait !!!!

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