Watching the chicks from across the road over the weekend, as well as on the webcam, has left me pretty convinced that reports of a fledging flight on Friday were premature.  There’s plenty of flapping on the platform, giving good exercise to those wing muscles, but no sign of any chicks getting on top of the platform, or onto the perching pole.  They also have a good deal more down still than they did before they took their first flight last year.  This evening (Sunday 9th June) one of them looked on the edge of going, and was certainly on the edge of the platform.


But that was as close as things got, despite much calling between the chicks and both parents on the church, with the female on the ledge to the right of the platform.


She seems to have been trying to coax the young birds off the platform with a combination of her presence, calling and bringing prey items onto the ledge rather than the platform itself.  The male continues to be very involved, and was also calling to the chicks.


All these efforts have been in vain to date, but they are almost ready… 


  1. I really wish the webcam could pan-out so we can see more around the box now they’re bigger. I can see feet and tail feathers but I want to see what they’re up to 🙂

  2. It is so exciting I think one of the chicks has gone, I have really enjoyed watching them all, what a privilege.

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