It’s the 12th of June, so – following last year’s events – it must be fledging day!

All three chicks were very active on the platform yesterday evening (11th June), hopping up onto the top of the box, flapping out at the end of the perching post, and even getting on top of the webcam box itself (thanks to Andy Jones for the great shot below).Image

Both adults were also much in evidence, giving some great views as they flew past, over and around, twice chasing off Lesser Black-backed Gulls and once a Crow.

From the webcam it has become increasingly difficult to see all three chicks as they move about, especially when on top of the box, but a quick visit on arriving at work today revealed that one of them had indeed made its first flight.  Jim Lonsdale was on site until 07:30, when all three were still on the platform, but around 9 am one of them made its maiden venture, ending up on top of the church roof, where it landed out of sight.  By lunchtime it had got up onto the top of one of the walls around the roof, and drew an admiring crowd.


Indeed, there’s been 20-25 people enjoying watching them every evening, and a regular lunchtime gathering too.

The chick made several hops and flaps from one perch to another, but was still in the same area by the end of the afternoon.


Both parents flew by but no food was brought in as far as I know, so perhaps that will be the way to encourage it back up the tower.


In the photo above, the chick is on the lower wall in the foreground, with the adult female having come off the tip of the tower.

The other two chicks remain on the platform, mostly on top of it, so not only out of sight on the webcam, but usually out of sight from below too.  There’s a good chance tomorrow will see one or more of these take to the air too.  Get down to St George’s if you have the chance – it’s a terrific spectacle.


  1. This has been an interesting project to watch, I am a disabled person in a wheelchair but fortunate to have an iPad. I have been watching from just after they hatched and it has been fascinating.
    Thank you for making it possible to see these wild creatures making their way in the world.

    1. Dear Dianne, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed watching them grow, and now get ready to move off the church tower. There should still be the odd time they come back to the platform, but next year we hope to have another camera in place to capture a bit of what goes on beyond the nest platform. Best wishes,


  2. this has been very exciting, i have been watching since before the eggs were laid, and even managed to get to st georges to see them in real life on monday i am in a similar situation to dianne wright and this has been like i say very exciting, i will be sad to see them go, but then look forward to next year when it starts all over again hopefully, thank you.

  3. Went to St Georges today just after the first chick fledged. Thanks go to the lovely chap who loaned me his binoculars to take a closer look, wonderful to see these birds in such an urban setting. It has been a fascinating spectacle to follow, thank you for making the webcam available to the general public.

    1. Thanks for this Chris. We’re delighted it’s all gone so well and are looking forward to next year already. Best wishes,


  4. I have loved every second of the project. Exhilarating and even quite comforting at times! Thank you for running the project and here’s to next year. ps. Can’t wait to see the now not so ‘little ones’ fly. Thanks again. Sophie

    1. Thanks for this Sophie. We’re delighted it’s all gone so well and are looking forward to next year too. Best wishes,


  5. Wow… Thank you for a great 6 weeks have watched every day
    Found your webcam on a link from sussex heights Brighton
    Perigrine nest box page
    Any chance you can post an update to let people know how chicks got on
    Now they have left next box and are out of view
    See you same time next year hopefully

  6. Just been down to see them and was lucky enough to see one of the chicks flying – wonderful sight. Good views of all 3 chicks + 1 parent. Was hard to tear myself away even when it started pouring with rain. Hope they’ll stick around a little while longer, and many thanks for making it all possible.

    1. Dear Brenda, Glad you’ve enjoyed the spectacle, and they should be around for a week or so at least, though not necessarily on the church itself. Best wishes,


  7. Watched them on webcam for 6 weeks, what a privilege to see them so close up, such beautiful creatures. Felt a bit sad seeing the empty nesttbox

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