Ten days on…

It’s been a very busy time at work recently, so a lack of updates, which has coincided (fortunately!) with the key events all being behind us.  A couple of brief visits have shown that the juvs are still regularly around the church.  Last Thursday lunchtime both parents and all 3 juvs were at various points around the upper reaches of the tower, and this morning (Monday 24th June) at least 2 juvs and the female were present.  Given the perches they’re now using the juvs have clearly grown in confidence with their flying skills and can land on a pretty wide range of landing points, although they do still like the ledge at the top.


The photo above shows several key features that will allow the juvs to be identified over the months ahead, at least in relation to the adults.  They will keep the distinctive vertical markings on their buffish underparts for at least a year (the adults have clean white underparts with horizontal barring) and the base of the bill will remain pale blue too until they mature.  

The webcam still occasionally picks the birds up as they come onto the platform for a few minutes, but this seems to be just one more perch for them to use.  It’s likely that the webcam will be taken offline some time soon, and that will be the prelude to the construction and siting of a new nest platform and – hopefully – improved webcam coverage.

I’ll update the blog if there are significant developments in the next week or so, but updates will be on a less regular basis than when things were at their most critical points.  

Thanks for the many positive comments over recent weeks: it’s been very gratifying to know that the whole Peregrines project has brought a lot of enjoyment to lots of people in Sheffield and well beyond.  Long may it continue to do so!


  1. Just a quick vote of thanks for all you and your colleagues hard work David.
    I’ve managed to get a few visits in to see the birds and get some pictures,just sorry I had to miss the presentation you did the other week.

  2. I’m going to miss seeing those babies on the webcam and look forward to next year! I already have it marked on my calendar!! Thank you for hosting the webcam for us to enjoy and the updated blog posts which I found very informative.

  3. We have been enjoying the falcons from the beginning, here in Seattle,
    Thankyou so much for enabling us to share this wonderful experience,
    Best wishes,
    Felicity and Tom Cross

  4. My girlfriend and I have been watching the development of these stunning birds since they were eggs. We unfortunately went to Greece on holiday for two weeks and missed the chicks first flights. We did check in whenever we visited a Taverna with wifi, but the first time was too late.
    We both would like to thank all involved with the project, and hope the same service will resume next spring. Thank you.
    Paul and Maxine.

  5. I have been watching this site since the mother first took up residence this year and have been thrilled and educated with what I’ve seen. Thank you so much for this project. I look forward to next year. Jim Keltz, South Devon

  6. Thankyou for providing us with so much enjoyment over the past few weeks, the wbpage has been sent round the world to friends who are really enjoying it. many thanks for all your hard work.

  7. I am so pleased that George and Mildred’s hard work has paid off , such beautiful parents who I grown to love as they became very proud parents to there three stunning chicks 🙂 and now they have all safely fledged I worry wen I don’t hear about them or how they are getting on , with no photos or tweets to say there safe on a regular basis it leaves me worrying for there safety , I watched them all grow as a family every single day on and off and I took some beautiful photos , I am very proud of the juvs there doing so so well , please please keep us updates as much as possible as am sure there are a lot more people that have followed there journey and now miss them like I do 🙂
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to witness and see for our selves wildlife at the core 🙂 please keep us posted cheers ,Mandy 🙂 @sqirt08

  8. hello,I live in Plymouth.My daughter in Sheffield told me about this site,and I have watched this story unfold.I feel so privileged to have seen this peregrine family change and grow intimately,feather by glorious feather.To see how they interacted,cared and taught the chicks.I am 81,and cant wait until next spring!!!!Thank you all so very much.Barbara Gostick.

  9. Thanks for the blog and web cam feed. It was a real joy to watch the development of the chicks and their final departure. I had a monitor on in the office and the lap top at home with the feed for several weeks. I and several friends will be watching again next year and once again thanks for the feed.

  10. Like so many people, David, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all your news and wonderful photos, and have passed the link on to interested friends, so thank you for all that–it’s been fascinating, and I look forward to next year’s brood! Carol

    Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2013 21:18:25 +0000 To: coladipo@hotmail.com

  11. Thank you for posting the updates since the nest box is almost always empty now. Seeing the church was a poignant reminder for me since my late father grew up on St George’s Terrace across from the church. Their house was demolished to make way for Jessops. I am a Sheffielder living across the pond. My brother in Sheffield emailed the link. What a fascinating few weeks this has been – kinda sad it’s over! Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. Thank you so much for all the work and passion that has gone into this project. It has brought much excitement and joy into my life and that of many others that I know. I work nearby and it has been wonderful to feel a part of what has been going on on my doorstep. Thank you thank you.

  13. I must thank you for making it possible for us to see such wonderful images of the St George’s Peregrine family and for providing us with updates.. I became quite attached to those little fluffballs and am now in the throes of empty nest syndrome! I work for the University and have been proud to share the webcam link with friends far and wide, who have been equally delighted to follow their progress.and who have commented on the high quality of your images. It’s been a tremendous pleasure, thank you again.

    1. Dear Sheila, Thanks for your words of appreciation and hope you’re able to enjoy next year’s developments with enhanced viewing opportunities in the pipeline. Best wishes,


  14. I follow a number of Urban Peregrine sites and I have been very impressed with the quality of the pictures and the siting of the camera at Sheffield. I have some great screen grabs and look forward to next season. Am I correct in thinking that the Sheffield University Peregrines are the first Yorkshire urban Peregrines to be seen via web cam? thank you so much.

  15. Good luck with the new construction, looking forward to next years coverage, thanks for this year.

  16. Thank you so much for enabling my husband and I to watch the Peregrene Falcons. We watched at least twice a day until the eggs were hatched and then several times a day once they ‘d hatched. We couldn’t believe how quickly they grew and we felt privileged to be able to watch at such close quarters. Many Thanks

  17. Well done everyone concerned for taking such good care of the peregrines when intervention was necessary. Looking forward to next year’s webcam. Many thanks.

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