The first egg of the season!


The first egg has been laid at the St George’s nest platform, a week ahead of last year’s date and earlier than I’d suggested as a prediction.  It may well be that the milder weather has triggered an earlier start to laying, and it would be interesting to plot dates from across sites to compare with last year.  We should see another 2-3 laid in the coming days, with one egg typically laid per day, so it’s definitely worth keeping a keen eye on the webcam.

The egg seems to have laid either overnight or very early this morning.  The first image to show it is below, from shortly after 05:30 this morning, when the female left the platform.

20 March 0530

The single egg has been left unincubated and apparently unattended for much of the day.  Some people have expressed concern in the comments to see the egg left unattended, but it is quite normal behaviour for incubation not to get fully under way until the clutch is (almost) complete and is no cause for alarm.  And they are far from unattended: views from the windows of my building nearby showed that at least one adult was on the perch or corner of the church whenever I looked, and on my way to a meeting the other side of St George’s this afternoon both adults were on station, though neither was visible on the webcam.  Both the male and female did spend time on the platform from time to time, with the female in particular present for extended periods, doing further rearrangement of individual stones.

20 March female with eggShe seems occasionally interested by the camera, and eyeballs it from time to time, though there have been no attacks on it, as there have been elsewhere!

20 March eyeballing

She also kept her eye on the egg and you can rest assured that it is being well looked after.

20 March egg watching

Tonight she has been incubating the egg, and perhaps will lay another before daybreak.  What will the morning hold?

20 March night

I’m sure everyone, like me, is looking forward to watching the events unfold on another breeding season!


  1. I think she should be at least incubating some of the time but it doesn’t look that way to me – hope I’m wrong

  2. I’ve been watching peregrine webcams for a few years now and alot of people worry about the eggs being left unattended, I understand that full incubation doesn’t start until all the clutch are laid but I’ve got an awful feling that there’s something not right here as all the others sit incubating the eggs for at least some of the time but this one in Sheffield doesn’t seem quite sure what to do and spends alot of time on the ledge

  3. I don’t know about anyone else but the view from the cameras at night is nowhere near as good as it was last year. I can just about make out a bird sitting on the edge of the box

  4. I wouldn’t worry too much about the incubating as they dont truly start till the 3rd egg is laid. I have been watching them a few years now and incubation generally starts at the penultimate egg 🙂

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