And we have a chick…

No doubt David will be on hand shortly with a more detailed post, but the big news this morning is we have our first chick! Judging from the comments to the blog, some of you early birds spotted it at around 5am this morning – hopefully we’ll be able to have a look through webcam footage for the exact time.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 09.17.42

So the excitement starts again – keep your eyes peeled on the webcam to watch the events unfold live, and follow the University’s Twitter feed and this blog for further announcements. Also, if you’re on Facebook we’ll also be posting regular updates the SBSG’s Facebook page.

EDIT – By the end of the afternoon I’m sure most of you have noticed… we now have three!

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 13.53.31


  1. Hello Pete, I am so relieved about this year’s news after waiting so long. I hope the chick does not get cold while the rest are hatching. Sheila

  2. The egg shells are eaten mostly by the female. This will replenish her calcium levels that were depleted to form the eggs.
    It’s great to see three hatches in one day, let’s hope the fourth egg will hatch soon as well.

  3. Sorry I missed all the hatching but just signed on and within minutes the tiercel appeared with the remains of a catch and ended up feeding the falcon titbits before he disappeared again as she wasn’t that interested or wanting to feed the chicks. You know what they say about a falcon being “fed up”.

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