Chicks fourthcoming

A pleasant surprise this morning to find that the fourth egg has hatched to give us a full brood.  Even when the adults leave the platform, as they are now doing especially around feeds, it can be hard to count the chicks.


However, the female was also seen eating eggshell again this morning, presumably of the fourth egg as no other chunks of shell were visible last night, and when they are being fed the four can be seen clearly – at times.


The female is doing the feeding, and did a great job of ensuring that all four chicks were fed at the session captured above.  She is also taking the night-time brooding duties, and this evening did very well to shelter the chicks from a torrential downpour over Sheffield.  All seems to be well despite the exceptionally heavy rain and she’s keeping alert into the night.





  1. Poor mum was well soaked by that downpour last night….but at least she is feeding all the chicks and not leaving the little one out, as is sometimes happening with the Nottingham chicks, but thats nature for you….survival is what counts not sentiment sadly

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