Moving on

A few days on from the first flights of three of the juvs, two of them remain closely connected to the church tower.  A visit on Sunday evening revealed two were on the ledge next to the nestbox, with both adults nearby.  A third juv could be heard calling from a rooftop somewhere in the vicinity and eventually flew into view, circled the church and headed back to the east, where it landed on the roof of one of the University’s buildings just beyond the church grounds.  After a spell there it took off again, showing good flight ability.


Just to prove the point it returned to the church and landed in one of the windows.  It seemed to be looking for a roost site, but the window stonework wasn’t proving comfortable and it flew off again after a few minutes.  This one definitely has the hang of flying.


From there it flew up to land on the east-facing ledge and shuffled along to join the other two by the nest box.  The three of them then took to preening and settled down for the night, under the watchful eye of the adults both perched nearby.

June 8 juvs

The whereabouts of the fourth juv is something of a mystery and the four juvs have not, to my knowledge, been seen either together or at the same time for several days now.  A couple of concerned e-mails on Monday evening (thanks to Kayleigh and Patrick, whose photos are below) revealed that one of the juvs had spent a few hours on the roof of one of the University’s buildings nearby, where it seemed to be a bit stuck in the eyes of those who saw it.   Whether this was the fourth ‘missing’ juv or one of the three increasingly mobile birds that have been returning to the church tower we can’t tell, but from the length of the middle toe it looks like a young female.

June 9 roof

However, it wasn’t there the following morning, so had presumably found its way off the flat roof.  It showed very little fear of people in offices overlooking the area and was even investigating an open window!

During a quick visit on Tuesday evening the adult male was on the perch, which suggests that the juvs are not too far away, but there was no sign of any of them, which will be increasingly the case as they – hopefully – become more confident in the flying abilities.

If anyone based locally does see the young birds, do let us know, perhaps via a comment to the blog.  Anxious times, but the birds are definitely moving onto a new stage in their lives.  Fingers crossed for them.





  1. Thank you for keeping us informed, I feel that I have learnt a lot, and have spent many hours
    Watching and taking photos on my ipad. I intend to put these together in a book to remember
    March, April, May and June 2014

  2. did anyone record the talk this year ?i been working both times when the talks happened so couldn’t,t be there 😞

  3. Hi David, I don’t know if it’s of interest to you but I was there this morning (12th june) from about 6.45am to 9.00am and I saw both adults and 3 juvs. At some point between 8.00am and 8.45 all 3 juvs headed towards the Sir Frederick mapping building and didn’t come back at any point while I was there.

    At about 8.48am the female started flying around in circles above the mapping building screeching and she seemed quite agitated. At some point the male peregrine joined her, but disappeared for a few minutes before returning to the church with what looked like a starling.

    The female then started going back and fourth from the mapping building to the church. I left her sitting on the very top of the church and she was still screeching. I had a quick walk around the streets around the mapping building before leaving and didn’t see the juvs at all.

  4. Hi, my partner saw 3 quite large birds squabbling over something they were feeding on – he is working at Fitzwilliam Street and wondered if it could have been these – he will keep looking now to see if he sees them again 🙂

  5. Loved every minute of their time in the nest boxes, watching from west wales, from the day they hatched I have visited this site every single day, maybe 5 or 6 times a day, watching them grow has been wonderful, thank you very much. fingers crossed for their future

  6. I saw both adults and 1 or 2 juveniles around the BT tower on Friday evening c. 6pm. The parents were diving at crows on nearby buildings – obviously still very protective of their young!

  7. Spotted 3 of the peregrines (I’m guessing they were the juveniles) circling around in the sunshine at 4.30pm yesterday afternoon, whilst waiting at castle square tram stop. One seemed to have a go/dive at another, definitely beats the usual wait a that stop!

  8. I don’t know if this is of any interest but I saw three birds performing some pretty impressive ariel displays with each other at the university arts tower on Friday 8th August. I can only presume they were juveniles but I didn’t get a close enough look unfortunately!

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