And now we have four!

Some quick news… this morning we got some messages that the Peregrines may have laid their fourth egg, but every time I looked at the webcam one of the adults was sitting tight and not revealing the eggs beneath them. During lunchtime several Peregrine watchers on Twitter sent us screenshots during a brief time the eggs were unoccupied, revealing the rumours were true! (Thanks to Victoria Lund for the image below.)


This is exactly a year to the day since the final egg was laid in 2014, and presuming this to be the last egg of this brood (five is possible but unlikely), this would leave us with the same estimated hatching date of 24th-27th April. Last year we were almost correct – cracks were starting to show on the 27th and the first chick arrived on the 28th.

Keep posted on various outlets for updates – this blog, of course, for David’s detailed analysis, and also the Peregrines Twitter feed and SBSG Facebook page. Here’s hoping for another successful year!


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