Ringing from another angle

While the chicks were being ringed on Friday, Andy D was down below and took some photos that are worth sharing.

PG ringing May 15 AD 2

PG ringing 15 May AD

They give an idea of Simon’s sure-footedness on the ledge and his nerve!  I know he had a safety rope and harness, but hanging on with one hand while lifting the chicks from the nest and passing them through to Gareth is not something I’d have fancied…  The nest is about 40 metres (130 feet) above the ground and while it doesn’t look very far up from the ground, it certainly looks a long way down from the top!  I think I’ll stick to words and pictures.

PG May 15 4

The chicks continue to spend most of their time out of sight in the ‘blind’ corner, but over the next few days they should become more visible as they start to exercise their wings, building their flight muscles.  They’ll also be more able to walk around the nest box and will change quite rapidly in appearance as the flight feathers start to appear while the down begins to be lost.  In the meantime, here’s an excellent sectional image from the twitter feed that shows how much space the chicks have got to hide in, just in case you’ve not seen it there.

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  1. As one who is and always have been petrified of heights I can only commend this gentlemans
    bravery !!!!!!!!!! Thanks once again for an excellent post. Keep up the good work

  2. It’s many years since I was a student and of course we had nothing like this great technology. Many thanks to SBSG for what is possibly the best bird webcam set-up (I’ve looked at several on the internet across the world).. Having two camera angles has been a great development, being able to see the nest and the perch. A terrific view the other evening of the adult swooping in with one of Sheffield’s famous rainbows in the background..

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