One, Two, Three…

A quick update on progress.  As everyone will have seen, three chicks have hatched and are being well fed by the parents, while one egg remains.  Given that night-time temperatures have been close to zero over the last few nights, and there have been sleet and snow flurries by day, just as importantly they’re also being well brooded.

April 28 feed

The first egg hatched on April 26th at around 20:45, the second on April 27 at around 13:00 and the third around midnight on April 28th.  Below is a screengrab of the first chick just emerged, still wet and not yet dried out to show the white down they now have.

April 26 hatch

April 26 egg eating

The screengrab above shows the female disposing of the first egg shell just after midnight, with thanks to Trish for the image via Twitter – that’s dedication!  And Alan has made a short video of the hatching of the second egg available, which can be watched here .  The fourth egg is still being brooded and may still hatch – fingers crossed.
April 28 1Both adults are taking turns at brooding, and neither seems keen to give up their position on the eggs on occasion, as above when the male hunkered down to indicate to the female that he didn’t plan to move.  Later it was the turn of the female to stay put, staring down the male when he came into the box.

April 28 2

A longer piece will follow over the weekend, but keep watching for that fourth egg hatching and – please, please – another full house.



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  1. BRILLIANT NEWS MAKING A LONELY OLD MAN VERY HAPPY.Many thanks for allthe dedication and hard work you are putting in for this very worth while cause, Superbpictures as usual. Peter.G.Robinson.

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