The Countdown Begins: 5…

With 5 days to go before the estimated hatching date, I thought a countdown might be fun, Thunderbirds style, together with a few Peregrine-related facts.

5 – the number of years we’ve had chicks fledge at St George’s.  Fingers crossed for 6.

5 – Radcliffe’s study from 1980 found 2% of pairs to have 5 eggs (419 clutches); in 2016, by contrast, 9% of the c.145 clutches monitored by the Dutch ‘Nestkalendars’ site had 5 eggs.

5 – the number of Peregrines recorded in the wild in the entire Sheffield Bird Study Group recording area (1200 square km!) in the period 1975-80.

Plenty of cause for optimism in those figures.

A visit yesterday morning revealed the female perched on the Arts Tower as the male incubated the eggs.  Expect both adults to be in attendance most of the time over the next few days, even if not visible on the webcams.

PG April 22

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