One week old

Since the three chicks hatched just over a week ago, all has been going well, with regular feeds and constant attention from the adults to keep them warm from a decidedly chilly northerly/ north-easterly wind coming into the nest platform.  As feared, the fourth egg won’t be hatching and is starting to be pushed aside at times.  We’ll look to recover it for analysis when the chicks are ringed at around three weeks old.

The comparison above allows is to appreciate just how quickly the chicks are growing.  There’s a little bit of a ‘Father Ted’ effect in the image on the right, as it’s a little more cropped, so the chicks in the image on the left are further away, but they’re also a lot smaller!  As they stretch their wings now you can start to see the beginnings of the feather shafts on occasion, and they will become increasingly obvious.

A visit to St George’s yesterday morning produced something I’d never witnessed before – a food pass between the adults.  The male was plucking some prey (another Feral Pigeon) on the ledge of the church and – after much calling – took off…

PG May 6 male takeoff

He then circled above the platform to let the female know what he had, enticing her off the nest to chase him, take the prey and return to feed the chicks.

PG May 6 with prey

The male also saw off a Crow and a Lesser Black-backed Gull that came too close for his comfort, popped into the nest to check up on things and then dropped away again.

PG May 6 male drop

So, plenty to see if you visit St George’s, with regular activity.  The week ahead should see more of the same: regular feeds, rapid growth and attentive parenting.



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