It looks quiet down there

A nice view at sunrise this morning. If you are used to watching the webcam with the sound turned up you’ll notice how much quieter it is. Far less traffic than normal but still the odd emergency services siren. How much notice do the birds take of us humans? Have they noticed that there are less of us about? That there’s less noise and probably less pollution? Or do they have eyes only for the next potential meal or unwanted intruders?

There are some things which we will probably never know. It’s over 50 years since J. A. Baker published his classic and acclaimed nature book ‘The Peregrine,’ his careful observations made a huge leap in public knowledge and passion for these birds. It’s the advent of Nest webcams such as ours which is in part pushing knowledge of their behaviour on from Baker’s teaching. I wonder what he would have made of the 24 hour cameras?

Keep watching.

CG 20/3/20

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