Asleep on the edge

TNF snoozing

Here’s TNF having a snooze whilst stood right on the edge of the platform. It’s a 130ft drop down below!

It’s just goes to show how strong the eyases have become that they can stand there, rock solid, confident, nonchalant even. The grip exerted by their feet and talons anchoring them to the wooden edge. No wonder those talons make such light work of snatching and dispatching their prey once they take to the skies. It even looks like TNF is standing on one leg! Although that may be just the camera angle.

TNF’s head was even jerking about in his/her slumbers. Do Peregrines dream I wonder?

Who’d have thought watching them perch and do nothing would be so addictive? They look more stunning each and every day. Even in this gloomy weather.


  1. I can’t bear to watch any more – I was watching them teetering on the edge in the howling wind last night, with my heart in my mouth. They’re certainly fearless, these two – take after their pushy mother! Thanks for the updates, much appreciated.

    1. Thanks Janet. I know what you mean. However I’m starting to get used to it now. Plus everyday is a day when they are stronger, more steady and able, and closer to being able to fly. A tumble on Monday would have been a real worry but from now I would like to think they could glide down safely at the very least.

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